Deal Us In



It’s complicated

If I were to set a status for my relationship with my country, it would be “it’s complicated.” I mean we only really interact every couple of years around election time, the time I get to formally submit my opinion.


What Should Have Mattered

“Hey, pretty mami.” I’m walking back to my apartment dragging a hand cart filled with a new, heavy bag of cat litter, when I pass two drunk men who are stumbling home in the middle of the day and brandishing open bottles to keep the buzz going. My hair isn’t brushed, and I’m wearing a winter coat down to my knees, but that doesn’t keep one of them from calling out to me, or the other from adding, “You are… sex.” Because, I can only assume, in his drunken state he literally could not come up with a single other thought.

Outside My Liberal Bubble

Like millions of Americans, I woke up early the Wednesday following election day and immediately turned to my phone to read what I was sure was going to be terrible news. I had stayed up most of the previous night watching the results slowly trickle in with complete horror and finally closed my eyes for a few hours of sleep just to keep myself from falling apart completely. Every news site I could load in my phone confirmed: Donald “Pussy Grabbing” Trump was the future president of the United States...


Wikipedia defines dehumanization as “a behavior or process that undermines individuality of and in others.” Many have said that this is what Hitler did to the Jews in Nazi Germany with the constant inundation of brutal propaganda that painted them as demons or devils and scapegoated them for most of their economic problems. Like all racism, some of the stereotypes given to Jews were blatant and others, the more pervasive ones, were more subtle. I say “many have said,” not because I deny what Hitler did, but because I want to be careful not to discount the years leading up to his dictatorship which laid the groundwork for him...

Another Post About That Tomi Lahren

Ever since Trevor Noah interviewed Tomi Lahren, the internet and media have had a ton of things to say about it. Many people have strong or mixed feelings about the interview which is completely understandable given the emotionally charged discussion about racism. Most of these articles have done a great job covering the issue, and you can find links to some of my favorites below. So instead of beating the dead horse on this one, I want to point out the one thing about that interview that no one is talking about: how bad Tomi Lahren is for women...

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