Deal Us In




It’s complicated

If I were to set a status for my relationship with my country, it would be “it’s complicated.” I mean we only really interact every couple of years around election time, the time I get to formally submit my opinion.

What Should Have Mattered

“Hey, pretty mami.” I’m walking back to my apartment dragging a hand cart filled with a new, heavy bag of cat litter, when I pass two drunk men who are stumbling home in the middle of the day and brandishing open bottles to keep the buzz going. My hair isn’t brushed, and I’m wearing a winter coat down to my knees, but that doesn’t keep one of them from calling out to me, or the other from adding, “You are… sex.” Because, I can only assume, in his drunken state he literally could not come up with a single other thought.

Trump Tales

- Ms. Pacwoman

Union Square Notes Following the Election

By Milasol

By Milasol

Outside My Liberal Bubble

Like millions of Americans, I woke up early the Wednesday following election day and immediately turned to my phone to read what I was sure was going to be terrible news. I had stayed up most of the previous night watching the results slowly trickle in with complete horror and finally closed my eyes for a few hours of sleep just to keep myself from falling apart completely. Every news site I could load in my phone confirmed: Donald “Pussy Grabbing” Trump was the future president of the United States...

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